An Experience Which Brought Me Closer To Nature

I still remember my last vacation with my family which was a trip to McLeod Ganj. It was one of the best vacation which I had spent with my family. The Trip brought us closer to the nature. We went there by bus and once we reached there we decided to opt for a hotel which has the best mountain view. After 1 hour long search for the best hotel we found a great hotel which had lush green parks, direct view of the sunset point and much more. And without any doubts we took a room in the hotel. One of the pic which I took from my hotel room :

Close To Nature

Just imagine how beautiful it would be to wake up every morning and see nature’s beauty. It would just fill you with energy and you would have a great day. Once we moved out of the hotel we just got fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of the nature. We cannot describe the feelings or the scenery in words. Here is just a glimpse of nature’s beauty :

nature's beauty

It was really a great place with no noise of the vehicles or construction, very few man made structures and nearly 100% real natural surroundings. It  was such a great place that we were thinking to spend entire day there sitting and just watching the beauty of nature. But our guide told us that even better things are waiting for us. We left the place in a hope to see more beautiful places. We then went to Bhagsunag Waterfall which was another great example of nature’s beauty. The trip has just started and I am in love with nature. Never felt so happy and excited before.

bhagsunag waterfall

We just dipped our legs in the cold water present there and it was very relaxing. After relaxing here for a long time we decided to move ahead and explore nature. While returning from the waterfall we noticed a goat which also enjoying the beauty of nature.

Goat enjoying nature

After this we decided to visit the tea garden. yea your read it right a 100% real tea garden. I have never seen one before. I have just seen it in movies and Tv Commercials where people carrying large baskets on their backs and plucking tea leaves. Once we reached there I was really happy to see a real tea garden. The entire region was filled with numerous tea gardens and we can just see the tea gardens and nothing else. We walked in those gardens for nearly an hour and it was simply a great experience. I have never been so close to nature. It was a quiet place and all we can hear was the chirping of birds. Finally we have to leave the place and I took some more pics of the tea garden so that I can always look at those images whenever I want to get close to nature and remember my this vacation. Here is an pic of the tea garden clicked by me :

tea gardens

Finally we headed back to our hotel and I thought the day was simply awesome. But wait 1 more thing was waiting for me. As we reached our hotel it was time for sunset. I have never seen a sunset in hilly regions or elsewhere because I have never paid attention to sunset. It was a great experience to see a a sun setting down. I Have never even imagined that the sunset can be so beautiful. I was just saying 1 Line again and again that “I LOVE NATURE”. The Trip really brought me close to nature and I cannot forget this vacation ever.To just give you an idea how beautiful a sunset is, check the image below which was clicked by me at the sunset point.

sunset point

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  • simply awesome.. I wish i can also go to any of such trips and experience the beauty of nature. But i am trapped due to my job.

    • you should take a break from your job and you must go on a trip which brings you closer to nature. It is really a great experience

  • Nature rocks !! We just need to take out some time and explore nature.

  • wow i hope someday i can get closer to nature tooo… you really had a great experience with nature.

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