YepMe Scam/Fraud? Avoid Buying from

yepme pathetic

In the last few years we have seen en exponential rise in the number of people buying stuff online. Companies and brands have understood the huge potential of the online shopping and this is the major reason why we can see many new e-commerce sites opening in India. One of them is Though it […]


Changing the way India Grows

educate people

Often it has been quoted as praise for our country “If 19th century was the century of the British, 20th of the Americans, no doubt 21st is a century that will belong to the Indians all for their profound contribution to the global world.” In the true sense of the words quoted, India is on […]


Time to change the face of Indian sports

india in olympics

Indian sports beyond the realms of cricketing frenzy that engulfs the country are an afterthought that would spring to life in the conscience of us all when an Indian does the nation proud at an international sports meet and at other times conveniently be put on the back burner until another incident of international acclaim […]


The Change Within

the change within

Often we find people quoting the old adage “Change is Inevitable”. But sometimes there rise circumstances that force you to realize “Change is need of the hour, indispensable”.  Being a part of the so called stronger sex male community, with utter shame have to bring to light the perilous situation of woman safety in the […]


Visit To Google Office For Attending DevFestX

google office gurgaon

After reading the title please use google to find out what exactly devfestx is rather than asking me. Gtug Delhi Organized a Devfestx to bring together developers and google technology users. Event was organized at google office gurgaon and I was suppose to be there latest by 9.15 am. Now to be on time I […]