My Intelligence Gone After Studying Artificial Intelligence

My 8th Semester 1st term exams are starting from 18th Feb 2012. First paper is of Artificial Intelligence(AI), a subject which at the beginning I thought would be very interesting and easy but reality was totally different. It’s a usual habit of students that they do not listen what their lecturer is teaching in the lecture except for few toppers who sit on first bench, busy making notes and nodding their head whenever the teacher say something. Anyway I usually study 2 days before the exam no matter whether it is the famous degree stopping paper i.e DSP or any other. So today I started preparing for my first exam i.e Artificial Intelligence. The name looks so cool and interesting isn’t it?

artificial intelligence
But the reality is totally different, it is one of the most difficult subject (atleast for me). Started studying chapter 1 : What is artificial Intelligence? And just half an hour later I was sleeping. One thing is for sure, from next time whenever I suffer from sleeplessness I would start reading AI book. After a good 1 hour sleep I again decided to study AI. This time I skipped chapter 1 and 2 to avoid nap, though I haven’t seen chapter 2 but its name Problems, Problem Spaces and Search doesn’t sound good so I left it.

Then I started reading chapter 3 and only one thought came in my mind while reading the chapter that why the hell is this subject in our curriculum. Finally at night I had a group conversation with 2 of my friends on skype who explained some of the weird concepts of AI.

Now I am waiting for them to study rest of the chapters and explain them to me. Now due to this artificial intelligence my natural intelligence is gone 😀

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  • Cry of almost every student’s life…

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