The Change Within

Often we find people quoting the old adage “Change is Inevitable”. But sometimes there rise circumstances that force you to realize “Change is need of the hour, indispensable”.  Being a part of the so called stronger sex male community, with utter shame have to bring to light the perilous situation of woman safety in the country, especially in the metro cities where the urban population boasts of being educated, civilized, sophisticated and providing gender equality, similar treatment to both the sexes.

The recent gang rape case near Sahara Mall in the Millennium City Gurgaon where the rape of 23 year old pub worker while she was returning to her home with her younger brother in a radio cab, has left the civil society stunned and has led to a public outrage. The girl was abducted by 7 men and was raped, and then was left in her pitiful condition on the road. The crime report pages of all the national dailies are flooded with such news everyday. Its high time we ask ourselves the question “When are we going to change? When?”.

women safety issues

The police have miserably and unfathomably failed at the disposal of their basic duty, protection of the citizens against crime.  Moreover, their apathy and callousness was exposed in broad daylight , when recently in a gang rape case of a class X girl in Noida, the police “mistakenly” revealed the identity and the address of the victim to the media, which is strictly prohibited by Indian Penal Code and touched the limit of impudence by terming it as a “clerical error”. Clerical error?   Was this that small a mistake ? 3 weeks down the line , and no action has been taken against the cops who were responsible for this so called clerical error.

The age old antiquated judicial system of our country gives no hope to the victimized. In the Noida rape case, the police instead of supporting the victim and her family and providing them security from the influential family of the accused, alleged that the girl wilfully drank vodka shots with the accused. Even if she did, did it give those prurient scound**ls the wilful right to rape her? Of course, she was not aware of their lecherous intentions. Going further with their impertinence, the police allegedly forced the victimized family to sign a statement that said they had no problem with the victim’s identity being revealed in the press. If this is not the height of brutal insensitivity, then what is?The story has been massively covered by all the national dailies, but still it has not invited any action.

change attitude

What needs to change is the insensitivity of the society towards the victimized girl. You can easily find people showing sympathy for the victim, but when it comes to being accepted by the society, the poor soul never gets her place back especially in a socially backward country like ours. This is surely one area where we can ape the west, without a second thought.

Also we need reforms in the judicial system and those reforms to be implemented effectively. A recent headline quoted about 2 men from Pune being sentenced to death in a rape and murder case in year 2007 after 5 years by the honourable court of justice. The amount of mental agony the victim and her family faces in such a situation is incogitable. What needs to be done is that these cases should be fast tracked with special teams working on them so that the justice might be imparted in as little time as possible.


Also the punishments in the sexual harassment cases must be severe and harsh enough to set in fear in the minds of the law perpetrators. A thought crosses my mind that these libidinous culprits must be mercilessly castrated and an example must be set for the world to see. But then we will have Human Rights Commissions fighting for their human rights. But the claims of these carnal, licentious and concupiscent animals of being human beings are merely tenable.

Also a disturbing sight is watching a victim’s identity being revealed and the culprit being allowed to cover his face while being in the public or camera’s reach. The question arises why is the culprit allowed to escape defamation when he didn’t think twice before committing such a heinous crime.

the change within

And finally,  the change needs to be within us, the men, the so called Superior sex. Robespiere once said “No one can climb beyond the limits of his own character”. Truly speaking, that is where we need to grow on, our character as an individual. Its high time, we men rise beyond our contemptible thinking and realize two things:

  1. Women are not objects of sexual pleasure
  2. Women are not objects

They are human beings, equal to us if not superior. Education, a strong judicial system, protest and awareness campaigns like the one started by Hindustan Times can help the cause. We have to realize that Real men don’t rape, they respect women.  Each and every individual has to ponder over what Hillel wrote- “If I am not for myself, who will be? But if I am only for myself, then who am I?” Surely not a human being.The change has to start within. Within us.

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  • You are right – the victim is further tortured by the attitude of the ignorant public towards her. And the police avoid registering a case of sexual assault. I feel the victim should realise it isn’t her fault but the perpetrator’s and with support from her family and friends of both sexes as well as NGOs like “Violence Against Women” she should ensure the police register the case and the proper punishment is meted out to the perpetrators. Only fear of punishment will cut down on rapes.

    • I agree harsh punishment and strict laws should be enforced

  • nice 1…all d best!!!:)

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