Visit To Google Office For Attending DevFestX

After reading the title please use google to find out what exactly devfestx is rather than asking me. Gtug Delhi Organized a Devfestx to bring together developers and google technology users. Event was organized at google office gurgaon and I was suppose to be there latest by 9.15 am. Now to be on time I woke up 6:30 am. You might wanna know that I usually get up at 7.30 am even for my college. After all essential activities like brushing my teeths,bath etc I reached the nearest metro station to catch  a metro to sikanderpur metro station near google office. It took me around 1 hours 40 min to reach google office.

After getting registered for the event we proceeded to the event hall or I should say the google food court. No we were not there for a breakfast; event was organized in the food court. After a small keynote by Mr. Van Riper, all of the attendees gave their introductions and I can really see that there are just a few girls around. Its normal since girls don’t like coding and developing much. Then a small quiz was organized where winners were awarded T Shirts and Mugs. I was not able to win any, but never mind.

google office gurgaon

Schedule is going as planned by the organizers and I must say very few events proceed as planned and everything is on time till now. Mr. Ashish sharma, the first speaker of the day started a discussion on Telecoms, Total connectivity and Advertising opportunities to monetize the telecom industry. It was a great discussion and the audience participated actively.

After that there was 15 min tea break and a small networking session to meet fellow developers and users. Wow I just mentioned fellow developers, but I forgot that I am not a android developer. So I just met other fellow bloggers and some of my juniors. After that a new session started, Introduction and implementation of NFC, don’t ask full forms and what exactly it is. Since I am not here to answer technical questions :P. After 10 min the speaker opened a presentation containing packet/header format for nfc packets and I told myself OMG when will these formats leave me alone ?? I had enough of these in my networking lectures.

Damn, wasn’t the frame formats enough? Here comes the coding part and I am completely clueless what it is all about. So it’s time to take out my mobile and open facebook or play games. In starting organizers were promoting Google plus but I still prefer facebook. What an achievement, opening facebook in google office 😉

Now I was eagerly waiting for the lunch and networking session to refresh my mind. But before lunch there was one more speaker left, shrey the organizer of devfestx and manager delhi gtug. It was the only part of the event till now which was somewhat interesting. But don’t know why he was laying so much emphasis on the words “My Own” 😛

Finally the lunch break started yipeeee !!!  As soon as lunch started we went roaming in the office corridor to check out google office but there were too many restrictions. We came back in 5-10 minutes and there was a long queue of people for taking tray and to start their journey in the food court. I was at the end of line because we were busy looking at the google office meanwhile all other persons formed the line. Food was good specially the gulab jamun and ice cream. There was a whole range of qwality walls ice cream to choose from. What more a foodie like me can ask for??

food at google

The organizer during the lunch was asking everyone about whether he is feeling comfortable and food is ok and any problems etc. Though it is good on organizer part but here comes a great line from my Friend Durgesh ” Yaar ye to aisa kar rha hai jaise ladki ke shaadi mein ladki ka baap baraatio ke saath karta hai “.  No offence to any of the organizers 🙂

The best part of the lunch was we can talk to other fellow attendees and people. So it was the most interesting part of the event. During lunch we all saw massage room in the google office and now everyone of us was more eager to join google. After lunch again the event started and now the gtug members from various parts of the country were displaying information, agenda and achievements about there gtug groups.

After that there was a ice breaking event in which everyone singing and dancing on the song “Subha hone na de”. After that came really an interesting part, 2 management and 2 techie guys were called and various questions were asked to them in order to prove that techies rock 😛 It was awesome since each question just made management guys loose the battle to techies.

After that there was android development session held on google hangout but since I am least interested in development and coding so I didn’t pay much attention. Finally the last speaker of the day and he was here to talk about html5. No more information about the session since I really don’t want to talk about those boring sessions anymore. Now started the closing ceremony and all the organizing members were called in front and my reaction was like :


It was really like half of the people present there were in organizing committee. Anyways event was over and I was back home. In the last I would like to mention that Event would have been boring but I was fortunate enough to have few friends with me, that’s why I didn’t got bored.

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  • Hi Akshay,

    Well I was planning to fight with you but the last pic silenced my voices………haha 😛 And you didn’t mentioned about the telebrands ad………

    • any particular reasons why u wanted to fight with me ? 😛 and yea i forgot to mention about those 😀

      • @Akshay Well I was just joking……….

        @Richmond Was anything present except android development? I guess they should have named it Droid Fest as it would have added much more value to it!

        • phew… i got scared for a moment.. and yeah all they were discussing about is ANDROID 😀

  • Thanks Akshay for sharing your experience with people like me who missed out on this Event…
    Wasnt this a 2 day event?

    • yea it was a 2 day event.. but on day 2 it was all about android development and i dont like coding and development

  • You missed the 2nd day! It was interesting and WI-FI plus the food was better than day 1. On day 2, they conducted “codespring” for 2 hours or so and then 2-3 talks on Android App Develop were presented (kinda less boring than day 1). The program finished early by 4pm.

    • wow you liked it.. but development and coding is always boring for me 😀

  • ” Yaar ye to aisa kar rha hai jaise ladki ke shaadi mein ladki ka baap baraatio ke saath karta hai “

    loved your friend’s comment… i have also experienced some of the events where by i notice majority of the audience is themselves organizers…

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