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In the last few years we have seen en exponential rise in the number of people buying stuff online. Companies and brands have understood the huge potential of the online shopping and this is the major reason why we can see many new e-commerce sites opening in India. One of them is Though it is not a new site since it was started in 2010. I have purchased number of things online from various different e-commerce sites but recently bought few items from and now I regret my decision.

It all started on 19 october 2013 when I ordered 3 items from yepme. One of the items was “Yepme Step Sports Shoes – Black and Red” size 5. The ordered was delivered on 23 October and to our surprise Yepme size 5 was small rather way too small as compare to normal size 5. Looking at the shoe one can easily say it has poor quality and what we call it in India “Chor Size”. A simple Google Search revealed that there are hundreds of more people who ordered the shoes from Yepme and they have a very different size. Here is a screenshot of a review of one of the frustrated Yepme customer.

yepme pathetic

You can read full review here. I guess you now have a fair idea about the non standard shoe size yepme offers to its customers. Just like a normal customer I dropped them a mail explaining the issue and demanded a replacement with size 6. After sending a mail on 23rd October I got a reply on 25th October that they have arranged a reverse pickup for the shoes. Kindly check the screenshot below where I clearly mentioned that I want to return size 5 and opt for Size 6.

mail proofAfter getting the mail I thought everything will get sorted out but to my surprise things never got solved. After a week the product was picked up and on 9th November I got the replacement. Here is the best part, the shoes which were delivered after replacement were size 5. Amazing isn’t it? I have clearly mentioned in above mail that I want to opt for size 6 but I guess YepMe Support People need some training to understand English or maybe maths? Do digits 5 and 6 looks same?

I called the YepMe customer support and told them about the situation and asked them to simply refund the money and take back your shoes I can’t deal with you guys anymore. This is what the customer care guy Sumit Told Me:

“I cannot initiate a second replacement request and I am unable to refund your money as the system is not allowing me to do so. Kindly call back tomorrow or day after tomorrow and we will try to help you”.

And I was like whaaaat? I simply said ok will call back later. I convinced myself by thinking that either that guy was a trainee or Yepme don’t have the funds to train their customer service people. The latter looks more convincing 😛 So I again called back after 2 days and this time I had to explain the situation again. The lady, I don’t remember her name said we cannot replace your shoes or refund your money.

I told them I don’t want a replacement but a refund and why can’t she refund the money. She simply said you already raised a replacement request and we can either replace/refund for the 1st request. After telling her that it wasn’t my fault, your stupid colleagues sent the same product while replacing. So this is the reply I got from her:

“I cannot initiate a refund/replacement request and I request you to please drop a mail on explaining your issue and meanwhile I will pass your request to our support team and they will definitely get back to you”. Again a mail and that too to the same Id where I was sending emails till now? Now I knew that they don’t know anything and I made a wrong decision to shop on YepMe. So as a last try I dropped a mail to the mentioned id and explained everything is detail.

mail 2

Woot Woot Suprise Surprise!! After 2 days I get a reply from them that raise a replacement request or call our customer support for further assistance.So its around 25 days and I decided not to call or drop a mail again as I am fed up of their stupid and pathetic customer support. I have decided not to shop from them again and will advice you to avoid them as well. The internet is full of frustrated Yepme customers. A simple Google search will give you thousands of results where people are calling yepme a fraud and scam site. These people have also wrote same thing that YepMe has the most pathetic customer service.

Have you ever shopped from YepMe? If yes how was your experience? I hope YepMe will stop taking customers for granted!!


A Frustrated Ex Yepme Customer.

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